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Cotton Education Kit

The Cotton Education Kit is designed for educators, students, spinners and everyone interested in learning more about Cotton. This kit can be used by educators to include in classroom lesson plan, school projects and great educational resource for anyone who wants to learn about cotton.

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Barbara Smith

“Cotton education kit is a great resource for my class.”

Brian Joseph

“The non-GMO cotton came up with lovely yellow flowers.”

Rebecca Williams

“I love the cotton rolags for spinning on my Charkha.”

About CottonAcres

The specialist in Cotton is how Cotton Acres can be best described.
The company offers cotton seed packets, cotton bolls, cotton gin,
spinning wheels and organic cotton socks all over the world.

Our cotton seeds are not just popular with growers but also with gardeners
and researchers at universities for cotton research projects. Spinners
like to grow our cotton for fibers. Gardeners love to grow cotton
plants from cotton seeds to show kids how
the plant grows to make cotton.

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white cotton plant

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