White color, fluffy large cotton bolls

cotton boll
Cotton Bolls – Educational. Perfect Gift

Cotton bolls are ideal for school lesson plans, science fair projects, craft work. They also make great cotton anniversary gifts. Excellent resource for teachers. Educational and fun. Fiber: 27 to 28 mm Staple Length; 36-37% Ginning turnout; Micronaire 3.7-4.8

US $ 10.00 for 3 individual white bolls Buy Cotton Bolls

Help kids understand how the fiber in their clothing, towels, and sheets comes from cotton plants. The seeds must be removed from the cotton fibers to make cloth. This process is called ginning (after Eli Whitney’s cotton gin; gin is short for engine). The bolls in this kit may be hand ginned, or dissected, helping students to appreciate what slaves did in the past, understand the significance of the cotton gin, and explain how machines help us today to be more productive. Each set contains 35 individually wrapped cotton bolls. Each boll can easily be pulled apart into four distinct sections so that a group of four students may use one cotton boll.