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Cotton Education Kit is a useful resource for educators, teachers and students for grades K-12.

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This Cotton Education Kit is designed for students and teachers and anyone who is interested in learning more about Cotton.

This kit can be used by educators to include in the classroom lesson plan, home-schoolers and students to learn more about cotton, great teaching resources, or to prepare for a school project.

The Cotton Education Kit includes:

  • Cotton Seed with planting instructions
  • Cotton Boll from the farm
  • Cottonseed separated from raw cotton
  • Cotton Lint separated by removing seeds
  • Cotton Bale that is sent to mills
  • Cotton Sliver that makes yarn
  • Cotton Yarn used to make cloth
  • Denim is the final product
  • Cotton in the Classroom brochure with Lesson Plan Ideas

US History curriculum:  -History of Cotton, its importance and Uses

American History curriculum:  – Significance of Eli Whitney Gin in American History

Geography curriculum:  – Production of Fiber in different regions of the world.

Science curriculum: – Cotton Plant, Its different plant parts and growth life cycle. Invention of Cotton Gin.

Ecology & Environment curriculum: – Impact & sustainability of Cotton Industry on World Environment

Business/Economics curriculum:  – The Cotton Industry in the US and World

Fiber, Textile and Fashion curriculum: – Processing of Cotton from Farm to Fabric

Agriculture Sciences Curriculum: – Cotton Production in USA and around the world.