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NEEMO 100% Pure Neem Oil


Organic & natural leaf polish spray for all plants.

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Organic & natural leaf polish spray for cotton plants, roses, flowers, houseplants, ornamentals, fruits and vegetables . 

Size options:  16 fl oz/946 mL (0.9lb) of 100% cold pressed organic neem oil makes 16 US Gallons (60 Litres) of neem spray

32 fl oz/946 mL (1.8 lb) of 100% cold pressed organic neem oil makes 32 US Gallons (120 Litres) of neem spray

    • 100% pure, cold-pressed neem oil
    • Free of water and additives
    • High Azadirachtin content
    • 100% non-toxic, safe for bees & birds
    • Biodegradable, environment-safe

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix 1½ teaspoons of NEEMO neem oil with ½ teaspoon of mild liquid dish soap per quart of  tepid water. If NEEMO Neem oil thickens at cooler temperatures, place bottle in hot water.

APPLICATION: Spray the diluted solution generously on all leaf surfaces, including the undersides. Use every 1-2 weeks. Apply early morning or late afternoon and avoid applying in direct sunlight. Only mix product that you would immediately use.

INGREDIENT: Azadirachta indica (Neem)

WARRANTY: Any warranties as to the efficacy of this product beyond its directed use as a leaf polish, express or implied, are expressly disclaimed. STORAGE: Store in a cool place at 36-68 °F (2-20°C). CAUTION: Keep container tightly closed, away from moisture and light. Do not ingest or inhale. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. Wash hands after use. If irritation or other symptoms occurs seek medical attention.                                      KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.


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