Social Corporate Responsibility

Cotton Acres is committed to run our business in a socially responsible manner. We take pride in ensuring our seeds, bolls and other cotton products are of the highest standards, using ethical working practices and with regard to the protection of the environment

Sustainable Cotton Production

cotton seeds packetCotton Acres brings the best products from all over the world to you. These producers are often part of a cooperative and are generally small, family run businesses with specialized skills. Placing our seed production in several locations across the world not only spreads the risk of crop failure, but also helps support small local growers. In addition, growing seed in countries where the weather is dry at harvest means we don’t have to use artificial drying techniques, reducing our fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Our Contribution to Society

Cotton Acres is committed to positively contributing to the communities in which we operate. We frequently sponsor local activities by offering seed to good causes in the form of raffle prizes and donations. Cotton Acres often supplies and provides discounted pricing for schools campaigns and other social projects.

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cotton seed packetsNon-GMO Policy

Cotton Acres does not knowingly grow, source or sell genetically modified varieties. All our cotton varieties are bred using traditional hybridization and cross-pollination techniques.