Cotton Anniversary

Traditional gift for second anniversary is Cotton

Your second anniversary is known as a cotton anniversary and it is customary to give a gift made from cotton to you partner. As a material, cotton is both durable and versatile. These are both important qualities in a successful marriage. Cotton has also been known as a symbol of great prosperity. By the time a couple celebrates their second anniversary, they are more comfortable and cozy with one another, making cotton the most appropriate anniversary gift for this wedding anniversary celebration.

Why is cotton an ideal 2nd anniversary gift?

Characteristics of Cotton that make it an ideal 2nd wedding anniversary gift:
▪ Comfortable
▪ Versatile
▪ Durable
▪ Resilient

The characteristics of Cotton being comfortable, versatile material, durable and resilient make it the perfect gift to celebrate your two years of marriage. The second year anniversary of a marriage is traditionally ‘cotton’. What could be more a more perfect present than our original farm fresh cotton bolls, cotton seed packets or certified organic cotton socks!

Cotton Seed Packets

Cotton seeds packet that yield white large cotton bolls. Plant grows to about 4 to 5 ft. Can be grown indoors or out. Plant bears large yellow flowers in 45 to 60 days which turn pink. Matures in 145-155 days. You can get up to 3.6 kg cotton lint from 50 seeds. Cotton Plant Seeds – 50 cotton seeds packet. Free Shipping US$14.00 Buy Cotton Anniversary Gift

Cotton Bolls Pack (1 boll pack)

White colour, large, fluffy bolls packed in a lovely cute box. Ideal cotton anniversary gift. ‘Cotton’ is a traditional second anniversary gift. It is also educational and an excellent resource for teachers and educators.

1 pure white cotton boll in gift box. US$6.00. Free Shipping. Buy 2nd Anniversary Gifts

Cotton Bolls Pack (4 Bolls Pack)

Large, fluffy white colour cotton bolls are an ideal cotton anniversary gift. Cotton is traditional second anniversary gift and nothing could be more original that cotton itself. Surprise him or her with this unique cotton gift. Fantastic gift for any occasion. Besides it is an excellent educational resource for teachers and educators.

4 white cotton bolls in gift box. US $15.00. Free Shipping. Buy 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift

Organic Cotton Socks (Regular Crew)

Grown Processed and manufactured from certified organic cotton. These socks are special because they are undyed, non-toxic, unbleached, naturally colored cotton. The softest pair of socks you will ever wear! 3 pairs of regular crew socks. Natural, non-dyed cotton socks that are non-allergic, comfortable and fairly priced. Enjoy the soft comfort of organic cotton. Pack includes three pairs of socks. The perfect socks for allergic, hypersensitive skin. 85% Organic cotton, 10% stretch nylon (outer foot), 5% rubber core covered with nylon (inner top). These are regular crew socks for women, men, girls and boys.

3 pairs of certified organic socks in a pack. Buy Cotton Socks Now

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